Shabda Purana


▲ Another Dimension Music ▲
is pleased to present your ears, very interesting and useful “lesson” about the science of psychoacoustics.

Since ancient times it was believed that the world was created from the sound. Sounds were considered as the energy of the cosmos, and the rhythm – as the movement of the universe. Sound is the most subtle of the elements and that is why it is able to penetrate most deeply into the human consciousness. Therefore, we use the sounds as a means of transforming of our mind and body. Music – as a way to become a single whole with the cosmic energy.

 – Tracks № 1,2,3,4: written and produced by Artem Arkhanhelskyi;
–  Track № 5: written and produced by Daniil Lebedyntsev and Artem Arkhanhelskyi.

▲  Rhythm is a movement of the Universe ▲