The new album by ShivaOm is darker by its atmosphere.
With deep dense bass and has more mix of styles,
than in all previous works of the artist.

The space of sounds, which shows perpetual process of genesis,
evolution and transformation of all the elements of nature.
This time you will fall into the heart of the jungle.
To the impassable depth of a magical forest.
Where tree branches will be cling your’s shirt collar
to lure you deeper and deeper into the dark and dense thickets.

All tracks written and produced@Averin Andrey(ShivaOm), UkraineGreat spirit in the shape of a magical snake
will tell you the truth of eternity.  

Here and Now


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  • Format:Compact Disс
  • Style:
    Morning Forest Psy Trance
  • Release:1 Nov. 2016
  • Cat. #:ADMCD008
  • Bar. #:8023678 161875
  • Mastering:Samsara Studio, Macedonia
  • Artwork:Shiva3