Space Invaders

Various Artists

We happy introduce to yours ears new V/A with story about adventure of “Space Invaders”.

All of us at least once asked ourselves the big question – how did life and human kind arise on Earth. There are many theories about it’s beginning. One consider that it was created by God. Others hold it as a result of difficult biochemical and evolutionary processes on the planet. Some are sure that we come from other planets. Arrived from other solar system, probably even galaxies.

Let’s imagine that billions years ago is catastrophe of planetary scale. It served as the emission reason from the planet. Huge mass of various elementary organisms rich with vital forms in space which only and could survive there. And these protozoans similar to seeds of a plant got on the planet suitable for development and evolution.

This is how we live.

Compiled by Ablepsia@Another Dimension Lab

Many thanks for help and support to my lovely family, dear friends, Valera Ahankara, musicians whose works this compilation includes.

With Love from Another Dimension

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  • Format:Compact Disс
  • Style:
    Space Psy Trance
  • Release:11 Jun. 2015
  • Cat. #:ADMCD006
  • Bar. #:8023678 161868
  • Mastering:Makus@Overdream
  • Artwork:Ahankara