Audio Elastique

Various Artists

Lady and Gentlemen, with pleasure I want inform you about our new cd digi-pack release with name like, Audio Elastique.

The sound has always been emphasized by all great thinkers throughout the history when they tried to define or explain the process of creating the universe.

We define the sound simply as a movement effect. Movement is vibration. Tones and colors have some certain vibrations but we sense or feel them individually.

The world bursts out with the variety of colors and sounds, that mix and pass into each other, creating a holistic information flow that leads our lives. The sound and the color are united so let’s just ease off and enjoy the resilience of their mutual transitions.

Compiled by Ablepsia@Another Dimension Lab

Many thanks for help and support to my lovely family, dear friends, Valera Ahankara, musicians whose works this compilation includes and to all forest creatures.

With Love from Another Dimension

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  • Format:Compact Disс
  • Style:
    Elastic Psy Trance
  • Release:12 Apr. 2014
  • Cat. #:ADMCD004
  • Bar. #:5060147129823
  • Mastering:Blisargon Demogorgon
  • Artwork:Ahankara