Ukranian Dimension

Various Artists

Hey, Forest Beings!

We wish to show the world our Ukranian psychoactive music. Years ago I had an idea to create a disk only with Ukrainian actors of a night scene of a psy trance. Finally this special mix is ready to explosion!

I love our native earth, our roots and our people. I believe in some years there will be the Ukrainian sound as style. And I will do my best on development of the Ukrainian culture of psy trance. For us all still ahead!

Want to express gratitude for a huge contribution to this collection: to my favorite family, Valera Ahankara, to Thomas Digitalist and to all actors and adherents who inspired me and helped with all my undertakings.

Compiled by Ablepsia@Another Dimension Lab.

The Homeland Will Give A Hopak!

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  • Format:Compact Disс
  • Style:
    Ukranian Forest Psy Trance
  • Release:1 Aug. 2013
  • Cat. #:ADMCD003
  • Mastering:Digitalist
  • Artwork:Ahankara