Larger Modality Of Organization


The central category of modality is a sound row.
We have a specific modality of organization for you, which was created over a period of several years.

I don’t want spend too much time on the text for the cover, it already toke enough time until everything was finished for this album, hopefully next one comes faster! I want to thank all the ppl who supported my music in past and in future. I want to thank Another Dimension Music for to make it finally possible, big thank to Ahankara art for the beautiful artwork, thanks to Tim who gave the final touch, and some massive thank to all the psy family who supported my way in past and gave me energy for the project!

Short stories about creation of these tunes:

1. Nature
Written and produced by digitalist and dr. magnus, some credit hoe’s to Terence McKenna for giving the world so many of his deepest inspiration. The track contains recorded samples from goach and a cat, copyright by nature.

2. Fragrance Of Being
The Dust of Being, smells beautiful…

3. Manas
The track got started with Chris and Marina from Sectio Aura and got support from the dog Manas where the track title is dedicated.

4. Cave Of Kafrah
When civilizations meet the mystery from the pyramids, all samples are recorded in Egypt, some recordings where made inside and outside from great pyramids of Giza.

5 & 6. Do U Like it / Night Hunters
Written and produced by Digitalist, Dejan and Orestis.
Thanks for working with you guys!

7. Aztecnology
Its not Techno, its Aztecnology.

8. Space Massage
Relax And Enjoy This Music Trip All Around The World!

9. Ebene 7
When u reaching the Next Level.

10. Spread the Seed
The mandolin guitar where played by Maru Allen.
Big thanks to him for spreading the goodness.


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