Tabula Rasa

Various Artists

With Pleasure We Represent To You Our Debut Compilation!

History about emptiness of human mind and slavery of our own system which does us artificial though sometimes, endowing us it is direct for simple and usual things we can make their magnificent.

Tabula Rasa (an armour. “The pure board”) – expression which is used for a designation epistemological the thesis that the separate human individual is born without the congenital or built in intellectual maintenance, that is pure, its resource of knowledge completely is under construction of experience and sensual perception of an external world.

Compiled by Ablepsia@Another Dimension Lab

The New Lands – Tabula Rasa,
I Will Settle There New Race,
The Third World Without Money And A Loop.

Enjoy This Musical Adventure.
Catch You In Da Another Dimension.

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  • Format:Compact Disс
  • Style:
    Forest Psy Trance
  • Release:1 Apr. 2012
  • Cat. #:ADMCD001
  • Bar. #:9366977747760
  • Mastering:Meto
  • Artwork:Ahankara