Vision Through The Time

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Guys from Another Dimension glad to invite You to the opening of the outdoor season. With a special program devoted to the presentation of two new releases from “Another Dimension Music”, and of course after the long-awaited arrival of warm, spring days! According to the legend of our ancestors on the 30th April the last cold days of spring ends. At sunset intonation and open past midnight feast begins – ZHIVA day.

Zhiva (abbr. Zhivena form of the name, or Ziewonia, which means “giving life”) – the goddess of Life-giving forces of nature, bubbling spring water, the first green shoots, fertility and birth. Lada daughter, wife Dazh’bog. Goddess of spring and life in all its manifestations. She – the giver of Life Force of Rhoda.

Play tale which tells the story of the journey into the world of Na'vi and return to Ya’vi for You will be:20:00-13:00

▪  Artists:
  • Griboz [Moskow, Russia] Live[Another Dimension Music]
  • Tookytooky Live[Another Dimension Music]
  • Ablepsia[Another Dimension Music Owner]
  • Skogarna[Another Dimension Music]
▪  Dj's:


  • С.А.Д [Kherson, Ukraine]
  • Decoration From Another Dimension [Another Dimension Music]