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In the middle of August on all Slavic land the harvest comes to the end. From here the holiday name — Spozhinki (dozhinka). The last sheaf reaping silently to not disturb spirit of a field which moves in it. On ancient custom on the squeezed field leave small part of not cut off wheat ears. connect them a tape — twist “a beard to Veles”. On a beginning magicians priests glorify Veles, lifting over the head a pot with millet.It is Veles learned our ancestor plow the earth,sow cereals,reap wreaths on native fields. And to put sheaves in the dwelling and to honor it as God’s Father.

This day shine honey, apples and grain. After a beginning the cheerful feast (it is forbidden to use beef in food) begins. The main Slavic Strava in Spozhinki: porridge, honey, apples, bread, beer.

And today, upon termination of a harvest, we invite you, together with us to celebrate Spozhinka’s holiday both to praise praise to Veles and to honor it, as well as our far ancestors.

Sacred Dance Floor22:00-12:00

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