Bleeps Sweeps And Creeps

Outdoor |

Hey forest creatures come together and dance electric boogie into Another Dimension.

Sacred Dance Floor22:00-10:00

▪  Artists:
  • Distorted Goblin [Prague, Czechia] Live[Another Dimension Music]
  • M.M.C. [Moskow, Russia] Live[Another Dimension Music , Tekkin' Over Records Owner]
  • Saikozaurus [Kiev,Ukraine] Live[Treetrolla Rec]
  • Cifroteca [Kiev,Ukraine] Live[Another Dimension Music, Skygravity Rec. Owner]
  • Roof Raiser [Kiev,Ukraine] Live[Another Dimension Music]
  • Extomorph [Kiev,Ukraine] Live[Chronicle Of Mystery Rec]
  • Ablepsia[Another Dimension Music Owner]
▪  Dj's:

Second Stage22:00-10:00

▪  Artists: ▪  Dj's:

Alive Music12:00-20:00 [19.05.12]

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