Sacred Vibration

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The ancient people knew that with help of sacred sound’s vibrations the operating of internal state becomes possible. In Russia sacred sound vibrations was considered were “prayful spells”. By means of these prayful formulas was possible transforming youre own inner world and external reality. By means of sacred sprayful formula it is possible to influence on mentality of the person, changing its condition on this or that direction. independent of reding by itself or listening how someone else are reading this sprayful formulas.

Sacred Dance Floor22:00-12:00

▪  Artists:
  • Digitalist [Balgach, East Switzerland] Live[Another Dimension Music]
  • Irukanji [Kiev, Ukraine] Live[Another Dimension Music, Sentimony Records Owner]
  • Roof Raiser [Kiev,Ukraine] Live[Another Dimension Music]
  • Tookytooky Live[Another Dimension Music ]
  • Ablepsia[Another Dimension Music Owner]
▪  Dj's:
  • Omsun [Kiev,Ukraine][Moon Koradji Rec Owner]
  • Moksha[Another Dimension Promo]

Alternative Stage22:00-10:00

▪  Artists: ▪  Dj's: