New Compilation from Another Dimension Coming Soon

Lady and Gentlemen, with pleasure I want inform you about our new cd digi-pack release:

ADMCD004 VA_Audio Elastique 2014 (Another Dimension Music)

cd-audio-elasticue-frontLike we know all consists of atoms. Scientists have discovered that all atoms consist of light and sound vibration or super-strings. And since we are made of light and sound vibrations, the different music and different colors have different effects on us. Disharmonious rhythms of music lead a person to self-destruction program. A harmonious rhythms of music, on the contrary, contribute to the evolution or progress of the person.

While listening to the disc, you’ll notice that the music has both harmonious and disharmonious sounds and parts. We offer you to plunge into the creative combination of chaos and harmony. Hope that elasticity of our sound will be to the taste to you.


01. Irukanji (Intro) – Elastique
02. Audiodidakt  – The Invisible Makes Visible
03. Kerlivin – Gaogui
04. Distorted Goblin – Grains
05. Fractal Error – Fagus Pendula
06. Propagul – Tristazemlya
07. Fomenth – Communication Error
08. Ablepsia – Taste Of Different Vibes
09. Karash – Frogs In The Swamp
10. Goch – Environ
11. Irukanji (Outro) – Ok, Now Come Back

Art Work by Ahankara
Catalog No. ADMCD004
Compiled by Ablepsia@Another Dimension Lab
Mastering by Blisargon Demogorgon
Release Date: April 2014

With love from Another Dimension