Another Dimension Music will soon introduce to you debut EP release



Noema = Dissector + Endless Maze. Two Very bright boys from Greece pursuing their studies in Medicine & Engineering respectively. Having cooked a super organic and crystalline treat of 4 tunes, this EP is in the process of mastering and will be presented to you in the coming months and will take you through a wide range of audible ecosystems.

Also we want say to you we will print 50 cd’s and everyone who want can take this deep trip to his collection.


01. Noema – Portal of Patari (148 bpm)
02. Noema – Organised Chaos (152 bpm)
03. Noema – Aposynthesis (154 bpm)
04. Noema – Momentum (158 bpm)

Art Work by Eteron Ekateron
All tracks written and produced@Noema Studio,Greece
Catalog No. ADMCD005/ADMEP001
Mastering by Dark Elf
Release Date October 2014

▲ Through the darkness we find light ▲