Madras, India

Spacepops is Harsh Nath’s psychedelic project. Based in Madras, a city in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, he’s been following his passion for music for as long as he can remember.

Harsh is a hunter and a slave for stormy psytrance beats with detailed, atmospheric realms at heart speeds. With a strong affinity for the unexpected, he is focused on to creating sets that vary from spine-chilling nocturnal stories to vivid day time forest psychedelia, without diverting too much attention to silly melodies and noise. With a taste for volatile and powerful dance-music crossing dark-industrial atmospheres, whooshing distant leads and shamanic grooves, he never fails to cook up interesting and engulfing soundscapes through his presentations. He is piecing together the visions of talented artists into top-notch compilations and has released one under Visionary Shamanics Records along with Mystical Voyager. So open your audio sensors and ingest the fractals of reality as we reprogram our collective destiny.

Watch out for more of his work due for release on some big labels in and around Earth.