Modicum (Dj) aka Amin based in the island city-state of Singapore. His first contact with the avant-garde sounds of psychedelic trance was in 2004 where he was charm by the music. Therefore in 2006, he attends to his first festival that took him to a mind blowing experience. It was during this period that led him to experience the spiritual nature of electronic music. In 2008 he started Dj-ing & soon after he got his first gig. He performed consecutively around Asia. His sets are complexly structured to take oneself to a journey with environmentally soundscapes & deep twisted drive. He lives, breathes and eats his art, and has truly launched himself into a new dimension. The best is yet to come, so stay tuned & enjoy.

  • Name:Nur Amin
  • Location:Singapore
  • On the Web:Soundcloud