Tønsberg, Norway

The Kanka project was founded in 2004 by Frank Ottersen.

Frank has been exploring the world of music since he was 7 years old. The story started when he was 6 and vigorously expressed to his father that he wanted a synthesizer. It would appear that Frank already had the sense of his musical

language, but his father insisted that he had to learn the piano first. After few years he was clearly tired of piano lessons. This instrument simply did not give him enough musical stimulation nor possibilities he searched for. So in early adolescence he started playing with music software, experimenting with various genres till finally, in 2003, he found himself in psychedelic narration. His sound has clear classical roots with a touch of national romanticism, wrapped in electronic form. Frank does not produce songs, rather he writes musical compositions. It is evident that his background as a painter and an artist have major influence on his musical expression, using fractals as an important foundation in both. He uses sound as if he was painting, creating colourful landscapes for attentive listeners to visualise and travel through. It is this approach that makes him unique.

  • Name: Frank Ottersen
  • Location:Tønsberg, Norway
  • On the Web:SoundCloud