Moskow, Russia

The project has arisen in 2004 consists of one person, me Andrey aka Griboz Project. In the beggining I developed as DJ, played private parties with group of adherents. Simultaneously I learned possibilities of sequencers FL Studio and Nuendo. Then I didn’t adhere to any style. All material which I created was experimental. 3-4 years ago I have found “my” style – dark psy trance. The first album released on the label Lua Records in 2012 year. After the release, I developed their sound and was looking for new interesting melodies, and in 2013 on the same label released an EP. In parallel wrote new joint tracks with musicians from different countries, and collected a nice compilation which includes many talented musicians. The release took place in the summer of the same year on the label Sonic Tantra Records. During this time I switched on Forest music and began work on its creation.

  • Name:Andrey Konkov
  • Location:Moskow, Russia
  • On the Web:Soundcloud