Greg on Earth

San Francisco, USA

For two decades Ghreg On Earth has woven a unique musical vision as DJ, A&R manager and Producer. His dedication and passion for an intelligent, gritty and moody musical journey, has forged a sound that is known for it’s pulsating cinematic spaces and rapid-fire organic grooves. Meshing, Blurring and Slurring wildly diverse stylistic elements into a dance-floor alchemy that is at once unpredictable and infectious, his sound has become synonymous with adventure in the peak of electronic music apotheosis.

To date, his unique sound has taken the world by storm; showcasing his deep and driving sound to massive crowds at events and festivals spanning the globe, including Ypy Poty (Brazil), Symbiosis (USA), & Boom Festival (Portugal), and headlining events all over Russia, Europe, Japan, South America, Mexico, & the US.

Ghreg On Earth currently resides in San Francisco, California (Earth) where he continues to create electronic music without boundaries…. taking the next steps into futuristic mythologies that conjure the sonic imagination of tomorrow.

  • Name:Echo Vortex
  • Location:San Francisco, USA
  • On the Web:My Space