Athens, Greece

Fomenth is the solo project of Giorgos Manolopoulos who was born in Athens, Greece.

 He had a musical background in music at very young age by playing the drums at different kind of projects. His first contact with electronic music was in 2000 where he also started attending to many parties.

After a few years he discovered psychedelic music where he started playing at local parties meanwhile experimenting with different sounds. Soon enough though, the skills he had gained in mixing, gradually created the need of producing his own music, always open to new musical experiences.

During time, his sounds and productions became more like experimental influenced by many kinds of music with the addition of dark elements supported by inner feelings and experiences around him.

The sound-engineering course he successfully undertook helped him to develop his production and mastering skills.

 And the journey seeking to broaden musical horizons still continues…

  • Name:Giorgos Manolopoulos
  • Location:Athens, Greece
  • On the Web:SoundCloud