Distorted Goblin

Prague, Czech Republic

Distorted Goblin project was created in a modest studio in Macedonia back in 2005 (more or less) by me (Milan), and I stand behind this project since then.

Originally i come from Macedonia (born and raised) but now i live and work in Prague, Czech Republic where i have my studio setup.

Distorted Goblin tracks can be heard on several compilation by various labels such as: DARK Records, Mighty Quinn, Sonic Chakras, Intelligent Monkey, Secret Tale and Geomagnetic Records.

Psy fans were already able to hear Distorted Goblin live on several occasions in countries such as: Macedonia Denmark, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia, Croatia, Italy, Bulgaria, Serbia, Turkey and England.

Hope you enjoy.


  • Name:Milan Manasievski
  • Location:Prague, Czech Republic
  • On the Web:SoundCloud