Dark Whisper

Livorno, Italy

Dark Whisper decided to form his own brand of psychedelic music, in 2005 through learning by doing. The influence of Dark Whisper relies on the Earth, mixed with instruments and soundscapes that have been in his possession from his travels around the world. The Dark Whisper Project is an experiment and its designed to melt the world with analog and digital soundscapes fusing the underground, with a new aged psychedelic twist, to give the listeners an endless amount of possibilities to reach a higher state of consciousness, while exploring the hypnotic frequencies of thundering rolling basslines.

Within the music you will find inspiration from life, melted with the sounds of collected instruments , and combining with the music and lessons that the world is being taught by the changing struggle within this realm of existence. He has a message, and you will take something of the whisper away from this experience every time. Dancers and listeners, submit to the experience and ride the waves and feel the pure energy pierce through you.

“Submit to the sound, so it may enter your core and reach the right target”

  • Name:Manu
  • Location:Livorno, Italy
  • On the Web:SoundCloud