San Francisco, U.S.A.

Bodhi, a.k.a. C.L. Martin is a scientist-musician-wizard specializing in psytrance and chill (various). Born and raised in southern California, he has been a musician all his life, playing piano by ear and singing since early on. Bodhi enjoys experimenting with cutting-edge sound manipulation in order to open minds and increase consciousness, constantly pushing the limits. Using knowledge from his career as a geophysicist and engineer, he implements science into his compositions, as well as a balance of spiritual energy gained from life experiences.

He has been involved in the goa/psy scene since 1996 and has been professionally producing electronic music and performing live sets internationally since 2000. Over the course of his music career while working on his degree in Geophysical Engineering which he obtained in 2010, he has produced three trance albums (Excursions Through the Ancient Future 2002, Secrets of the Mojave 2005, Equations 2009), has been featured on numerous compilations released by domestic and international labels, and toured around North, Central, and South America as well as Europe. He has performed at large festivals such as Boom Festival, Burning Man, Psycrowdelica, Lost Theory, Sky Gravity, AUM, and others. His side projects and collaborations include Bodhisattva 13:20, Phasetensor, Battery Leak, Cilium, Monks Of Madness, and many collaborations like Mubodhi.

Bodhi has also authored an expert tips book on Reason 3.0, which was published in summer 2005 and is available in large chain bookstores and websites. In 2001 he formed Psycircle with Tom G. (Arahat), which is a conglomerate media outlet, event organization, and music studio in California. He currently resides with his family in San Francisco.