Berlin, Germany

Biosynthesis is a brand new, exclusive project formed together by two close friends: Gorump Peyya and Dj Dantrex. The project was formed in year 2009,with an idea to make magical psychedelic sounds full of forest and organic vibes.

The first part of the duo is Meto Kocev aka Gorump Peyya from Macedonia. He already released albums and single tracks on compilations and labels such as: Sonic Chakras, Real Vision, Manic Dragon, Mighty Quinn, Evil Knivel, Tantrumm, Treetrolla Rec and more.

The second part of Biosynthesis is Dj Dantrex from Poland. He’s the owner of Evil Knivel Records and released compilations like: Full Reaction, Evil Voices. He Also Creating Music by the names Chemical Abstract, and Error Box! This project has recently released its debut split album on Mighty-Quinn Records.

  • Name:Meto Kocev & Daniel Kulczycki
  • Location:Berlin, Germany
  • On the Web:Soundcloud