ADMCD007 Debut album of Andrey "Griboz"

In release facing both magical generes: Forest and Dark. Release introduces you mysterious and hidden world with its magical events. These events will get away you to enchanted place where your body and spirit are freed. You get complete unity with nature, plunging into the depths infinity sound. They inspire to travel to the magical forest of consciousness where you will learn about their mysterious inhabitants, constant companions in this psychedelic journey.
 01. Griboz (Intro) – Gribogul
02. Griboz – Croaging
03. Griboz – Location Expasion (Remix)
04. Griboz – Leshyi At a Doof (Remix)
05. Griboz – Strange Noise
06. Griboz – Thicket Of The Swamp
07. Griboz – Walking On The Moon
08. Griboz – The Tree Of Joy
09. Griboz – Vision Through The Time
10. Griboz – California Sunshine

– Tracks № 03, 04: Remixed by Propagul.
– Tracks № 02,: Produced by Griboz & Propagul.
All tracks written and produced@Gribodelic Studio, Russia

Artwork by Kauki
Mastering by Makus@Overdream Studio, Ukraine

Catalog No. ADMCD007
Release Date: June 2015