Roof Raiser

Roof Raiser

Kiev, Ukraine

Roof Raiser project was founded by
Alexey Petrovskiy. Since his childhood,
he is interested in exploring electronic music worlds (acid, techno, goa and psy trance).

With wish in heart someday meet personallywith Spirit of his favorite psychedelic trance vibrations. Was a lot of different brainstormming experiments to understand and learn the language of rules in dimension of sound
synthesis world.  Till start to producing own music. From beginning to nowadays he making music only in REASON DAW.

Roof’s music will Raise you deep in 2 odd psychedelic
forest weird worlds of 
synthetic mind games which
balance supremacy think between:

-We All One Together? OR— Together We All Alone?

Believe you or not (he just don’t care aboout it) but he never tried any of psychoactive substances in his life more than tea\coffe, chocolate or sugar. Alex sounds vibrations spreading clean mind expirience and feeling of unity between nowadays reallity happens and the universe from far away till here and now.

△ be humble true art  staying hungry