Moskow, Russia

One of the long ago forgotten fairy tales of  
South Slavic pagans told us a secret of how to conduce a ritual for support of sacred fire. That is heating up our hearts in the darkest times and leading home an errant soul, and helps to keep feeling of faith and unity with inner and outer world.

To merge in the dance of fiery drive of east cultures without extinguishing or burning it with a burning stream. In order to warm the freezing soul of reality but always united by one faith of the people of the cultural heritage of the Scandinavian and Slavic clans. A few drops of the sacred mushroom drink from the rituals of ancient Western shamans will help the druid to stay on the right path without losing the flow of the universe. Then, according to the traditions of hot Africa, the tribe in its entirety should conduct a ritual dance in the process of cooking the potion, and then leave and insist this explosive mixture until all the components have completed the symbiosis process…

When I woke up, I have realized that it was only a dream, in my mind where was playing strange music heard in the lucid dream of this ritual ritual to a dedicated star named the Sun. Now I don’t remember exactly what was it, our cultural heritage of these ethnic people or just an imagination of my subconsciousness, but what a dream was it… Only this strange music has already captured completely my soul and mind. The moment has come when I am ready to share its embodiment in the solo musical project:

Upcoming projects:

• Mapa Pandiga & Nicr EP — Pseudo-Reality Architecture EP 2019

• V/A Forest Must Go On 2019 

• Nicr EP 2019

Nicr signed by «Another Dimension Music» 2019

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