Mr.Fix It

Mr.Fix It


Mr.Fix It taking one of the main positions in the mysterious explorer group of unknown cause knowledge vibrations skippers. The outsiders and outlaws for systems from neverland continents of space of the universe of ▲Another Dimension Music▲ records company journey in sounds odd. For the crew he being is compiler, label dj,  artists/projects manager/producer, booking manager. He gather and combine their energy to share positive high-frequencies through the experience in sonic awareness for the matter annihilations landed them on the dancefloors of planet Earth!

Mr.Fix It — real name is Netz. His  journey with psytrance started at 1995 year with small local underground events at the golden age of Israel psychedelic trance music culture times. Next year he start to organise and play as a Dj at underground scene gatherings. By which began introducing his friends the dark side of psychedelic music. Bringed to Israel famous artitst such as Para Halu, Mubali, Digitalist, Polyphonia, Procs, Phoboos Azazel and many more.

At 2012 year Mr. Fix It started his own music record label like  «Frequency Mafia Records». Summer 2019 year start the «We R One»  booking agency . This to begginings have same mission. To find and to support talented musicians, producers of night time psychedelic music from all dimensions of our galaxy, with future cooperation and realization of their creative potential on psychedelic trance weird worlds music scene of 4th dimensions in our reallity.

Many more other projects in progress and will come step by step. We better show you part by part the news of our improving workflow than just talks post by post! So  be on stand by and keep it forRest