Mapa Pandiga

Mapa Pandiga

Moskow, Russia

One of the forgotten fairy tales telling us about a Mapa Pandiga a Himalayan black bear who is a sage, a guru, a teacher, a mentor. He knows a lot of  legends, which only forest can tell to its natural habitats. Only this sacred connection with nature can bring up so truthful, colorful, and powerful vides of the forest dimension of the universe which is full of the magical creatures and spirits. They always trying to communicate with people trough the different signs and messages.

Mapa Pandiga is the music project of Maksim Khapaev. Maksim started his musical experience in 2008 when he was developing the skills in making his own musical style, at the time of writing psychedelic music, Mapa participated in many joint projects (Maximus, Axulixamus, Propagul, Aquapunktur) made lots of tunes which was released on many great compilations, release solo and split albums and EP’s on different famous labels such as Parvati Rec, DSP, Insomnia Rec, DARK Rec, Triplag Music, Blitz Studios.

After some years of working in project PROPAGUL its mainly forest vibes style expressing some life experience and thoughts and emotions connected with our earth and nature, decided to start a solo project Mapa Pandiga signed by Another Dimension Music Records company.