Pirenópolis, Brazil

Golomp was introduced with psychedelic music culturein 1998 year from parties somewhere nowhere around Brazil, especially in Trancoso Bahia and Såø Paulo.

After taking it start listen Goa Trance music and mixing it for fun with friends. In 2003 year his favorite sound dimension sadenly offset assembly point. It happend after resonancing with atmosphere of few proper psychedelic music scene Brazilian festivals visiting. After absolutely new mindblowing effect what he feeled. Directly that new expirience was the main point why he decide to  changemap somewhere deeper in 2 swamping  jungles of night time forest psychedelic trance of mystic audio trips. New music genre explorings was helps much in cultivating wish for start makes own music.

Golomp biggest influence come from Scandinavia and Russia psychedelic trance music cultures. Start produce own music since 2009 year. His music can be stylished by symbiosing tribal root music rhytms with EDM arrengments, layetings of experimental parts changes here and there, ethnic grooves and organic synthesis sounds, which can remind you deep Brazilian swampy jungles spirit.

In 2013 year he started a new record label with a group of friends, with name like —  Grimm Records .Their ideais and motivation is to promote new fresh swampy jungles soundscapes of wonder Brazils natures beaty.