Ablepsy aka Ablepsia

Ablepsy aka Ablepsia

Odessa, Ukraine

 ▲ Ablepsy △ music is sharing vibe to the audience of exciting soundscapes and usually unusual music adventures. Thru own resonance experience by travelings in odd worlds of sound dimension straight outta from his psyence lab..

His interest in sound theory and psycho-acoustics starts from 2008 year and still same flow unfall. Exploring the universe laws with experimenting on present futures of pasts endless vibrations. Always keeping searching for the flow of unknown before frequency sound. Can name like he in neverending fall in2 the void where time goes slower and slower while you getting closer and closer to the gateway of the black hole.

There are times when those eyes▲

▲InsideYour brain stare back at You

▲ Another Dimension Music △ is independent record label company where Ablepsy be from first step till now founder, owner, producer, manager, promoter & copywriter of all realized products. First release was out in April of 2012 year. For nowadays label released 15 official releases and working with more than 60 artists from all around the globe.