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Our Small Cosmic Story

▲Another Dimension Music▲ is a sounds transformation of matter annihilation.

This is a review of the transformative and temporal dimensions of space matters. It is a clear reference to the field of study. Sound experience that can be described as usage of the distance, location and direction. Reflect the sound of the interracial opening of third ear  is in the auditoriums experience. Recent studies into the experien auditive’ dimension of psychedelic music by various cultural practices have been insight into experiential aspects that have not been retained or was wrong. What we have understood wrong in opinion about reality position in universe, space and time. And stucked own creativity of  the souls’ expressions in timeline borders. Which doesn’t exist outside atmosphere of planet Earth and our heads.

Nowadays many physicists believe that there could be more than 11 dimensions, although we can only perceive three. Paranormal entities that we cannot even comprehend exist in other dimensions that our consciousness can connect with, suggest some astronomers and mathematicians.

Our psychedelic art is one from Yours safe ways to gateways into another dimension.

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